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Emule Tells Me I Have A Low-id! HelpNAV

This entry is a user-made guide and not verified by any eMule developer, but is still a helpfull addition for most users. You you can find questions and comments on this topic in a dedicated thread on our forum.

Description of Low ID and disadvantages to Low ID

You should start out reading the description of ID from eMule's documentation. Low ID means that the ports specified in eMule's preferences -> Connection is blocked or can not be reached. Having a Low ID has some disadvantages outlined below:
  • No IP is known of the machine eMule is running on therefore all requests like queue or connection requests to this client have to be routed over the server, the low ID client is connected to. This routing causes considerable amount of CPU load on the server thus reducing the maximum number of users the server can cope with. Lugdunum's servers limit the number low ID users or even ban them at all.
  • Two clients on low ID cannot connect to each other, as it is not possible to route messages over two different servers. This will lead to less sources for the downloads.
  • On busy servers it may well happen that the messages gets lost and eMule misses important information about queue progression or download requests. This may lead to fewer credits and worse downloads.
Solution for getting a High ID for the most common Low ID problems

There are different reasons for users getting Low ID's. Please look at all of them to dertermine what is causing your Low ID before creating new threads in either the support forum or the hardware forum! The most common ones are outlined below and there is also a description of how to fix them:
  • Misconfigured routers
    Problem: If you are connected to the Internet through a router you have to do some port forwarding on your router in order to get a High ID.
    Solution: There are many routers and it is different from router to router how you forward ports. Similar for all routers is that you have to forward you external IP to your internal IP for all eMule's ports. The official router's section in eMule's documentation gives you some help and also gives some help regarding port forwarding. Your should also check the manual that came with your router for information regarding port forwarding. If you still have problems forwarding your ports after reading through all the information on these two pages and your manual then create a new thread in the Hardware forum to get support from users on this board. Remember to give all the nessacary information in your thread to make supporters able to help you.

  • Misconfigured firewall
    Problem: If not properly configured your firewall might block the ports eMule uses hence the Low ID.
    Solution: There are many different firewalls and many different ways of configuring each of them. The official firewall's section in eMule's documentation helps regarding this and also offers help regarding this. Also try checking the information that came with your firewall or is located on the manufactors homepage if the two links posted didn't do the trick.

  • The built in Windows XP firewall is enabled
    Problem: If not properly configured the bulit in firewall in Windows XP will block the ports eMule uses hence the Low ID.
    Solution: The official Windows XP firewall section in eMule's documentation gives a guide to configuring the built in Windows XP firewall. If you are running another firewall you can also disable the XP firewall.

  • Internet Service Provider is blocking eMule's ports
    Problem: A rising amount of ISP's are beginning to block known ports for p2p applications. When a port is blocked no traffic can go through that port and you will be stuck with a Low ID.
    Solution: You can change the ports eMule uses in eMule's preferences -> Connection to something else between 1056 and 65535. Try different ports and try choosing a port not already used for something. If your ISP is blocking ports you might want to think about getting another ISP if possible.

  • Natted connections
    Problem: Your are on some sort of network that gets all its traffic through one IP and then NAT's the traffic to all the users in the network.
    Solution: If you are on a natted connection there is really not that much you can do. Some ISP's let you get a "public" IP for a little fee every month but not all ISP's. If you really want a High ID you should consider getting another ISP.
If you still have got a Low ID after checking all these things you should start a new thread in the support forum (for router problems please use the hardware forum) and remember to add all the important information in your post so that supporters has something to work with.

This post is based mostly on information from eMule's documentation, waynebike's homepage ( and knowledge gained from different posts!

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