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Controlling eMule HelpNAV

eMule can be fully controlled by using the keyboard and keyboard shortcuts. It follows the approach which is used in a Microsoft Windows environment closely:

Functions that have a letter in their name underlined with a _ can be directly called by pressing Alt + underlined letter.
On a standard Windows keyboard the contextmenu key besides the right Ctrl key opens the context menu on selected items.
Single items in a list view like server list or download list can be selected by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the single items with the left mouse button. Holding down the Shift key will mark all items between two clicks.
Jumping to items in a list view can be easily done by pressing the first letter of the item's name.

Alt + X eMule's Hot menu
Alt + C Connects / Disconnects / Cancels connecting to server or Kad
Alt + K Kad (Kademlia) main window
Alt + V Server main window
Alt + T Transfer main window
Alt + S Search main window
Alt + F Shared files main window
Alt + M Messages main window
Alt + I IRC main window
Alt + A Statistic main window
Alt + O Options dialog
(none?) Tools menu
Alt + H Opens eMule's help file
Alt + F4 Quits eMule
Ctrl + C Copies the selected server(s) or download(s) to the clipboard. Entries in logs, messages or IRC chats may be copied as well.
Ctrl + V Pastes server(s) or download(s) from the clipboard to the appropriate window in eMule. Also pastes text in messages or IRC.
Ctrl + A Selects all items in a list view.
Ctrl + F Opens the search dialog, which can be used in the server list or in the results of a network search.
F1 Opens eMule's help file
F2 Renames the selected download
(Shift + ) F3 After a search with Ctrl + F, F3 jumps to the next hit matching the search criteria and Shift + F3 jumps to the previous hit.
Esc Minimizes eMule
Alt + Return (Enter) Shows the file details of a selected download
Ctrl + Del or AltGr + Del Clears the entries in the auto completing of server.met download, search or Bootstrap IP.
Tab Completes nicknames in an IRC chat after the first few letter have been typed
Double click download / + (NumPad) / Alt + Right Arrow Expands the download to show its sources
Double click download / - (NumPad) / Alt + Left Arrow Collapses the download to hide its sources
Double click server Connect to the selected server
Double click status bar (first field) Shows last log entry
Double click status bar (third field) Opens Statistics main window
Double click status bar (fourth field) Show Network Information dialog
Double click status bar (fifth field) Opens the Messages main window
Double click shared file Opens the file with standard application if download is already complete
Alt + double click download Show all sources which have needed parts of the download
Ctrl + double click download Shows all sources with a QR > 0
Shift + double click download Shows all currently active (uploading) sources
Middle mouse button download Opens the file details dialog of the selected download
Middle mouse button shared file Opens the Comment and Rating dialog of a shared file
Right mouse button Opens the context menu with additional options and functions in many places of eMule.

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