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The search dialog offers search parameters and controls to perform searches on ed2k servers, in the kad network or by an external web service.

This dialog lists your downloads on the top and currently ongoing uploads on the bottom. 

This dialogs provides mostly status information for the interested user, about the Kad part of eMule. This is a serverless search method, based on the Kademlia system (paper).
The statistics dialog contains not only the graphically displayed bandwidth usage for uploads and downloads, but also a very detailed tree of all kinds of status informations of your eMule.
You can send messages to other clients directly from eMule. If the other client accepts your chat, you can talk directly from peer to peer.
For more easy communication, an integrated IRC client can be used to connect to a chat server.
Shared Files
This dialog shows all you local files being shared over eMule.
The server dialog provides all information about the servers in your list, the server you are connected to and contains controls to add servers by IP or by downloading a server list.


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