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New eMule IRC Address
02.04.2004 11:50 by Admin
Dear Users,
during a code review (by kostya kortchinsky) a security risk has been discovered which affects the webinterface (only usable after authentification) and the IRC module. This bug can be used for remote code execution attacks and is fixed in 0.42e and later versions.
To avoid old clients beeing a target for attacks on our irc network (freshirc), we deceided to change our address from to All eMule clients starting with 0.42e have set this address by default and the old one will no longer work. If you used with an extern irc programm you will have to change it to our new address.

New IRC Network
18.12.2003 20:58 by John
Well, due to the amount of attacks Liquid received, they had to shut down for an unknown amount on time. I want to take this time to thank Liquid for everything they have done for us. I really hated to have to switch networks. We are now using All eMule clients are already redirected to the new network..

Kad Network
22.11.2003 19:57 by John

As many of you know, we have been working on a new serverless network based on the Kademlia algorithm. We already have a test client available for download that connects to this network. It is available in the download section.

New Lugdunum Servers
22.11.2003 19:53 by John

Lugdunum has released a completely rewritten ED2K server. It has many enhancements that include compressed, multiple file source requests per packet, and many more. eMule has been modified to take advantage of all the new features to greatly lower the overhead to the servers.

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eMule 0.50a released
Dear eMule users, (more)

New eMule IRC Address
Dear Users, (more)

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