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eMule 0.45b released
05.02.2005 20:42 by Admin
Dear eMule users,

eMule 0.45 is now available and offering a number of bugfixes and several improvements like the new Mini eMule status window.
For all the details, check out the complete changelog below!

eMule 0.45b addresses some bugs which made it into 0.45a, most important a potential bug in kad which could lead to a freeze. We recommend all 0.45a users (and of course also users of older versions) to update.

Win9x users only:
The following has to be installed on Win9x/ME only -- it enables the Unicode functionality for eMule on those OSes.
Microsoft Layer for Unicode on Windows 95/98/ME Systems (MSLU) version 1.0

user posted image
So - download the new eMule client - and have fun.

Your eMule-Team

.: Fixed a bug related to the new kad-filecomments which would cause eMule to freeze [thx gcostanza]
.: Fixed a bug related to the udp-server protocol which could emule let drop packets or if malicious crafted freeze [kry]
.: The downloadwindow now remembers the 4 last sort orders and uses them as secondary sort orders
.: A displaybug in the uploadwindow has been fixed
.: A problem which caused eMule to call the onlinehelp even if an appropriate helpfile was available has been fixed[cml]
Ornis: Fixed lowercased path entries in the shared files list
Ornis: Fixed issue with autoresum after file completion
Ornis: Fixed secure identitfication statistics with a >100% entry

- Jan, 25rd 2005    -
Ornis: little updates in the web interface to category items, remember last used category in session, display first results on new search)
Ornis: statistic graphs: added vertical marker for every hour and enlarged statistic update delay [CB mod]
Ornis: added command line argument to reload ipfilter: "emule.exe reloadipf"
Unk: Corrected a issue where the keyword or source index was not restored.
.: Fixed bug with wrong user-id/IP for http sources [thx SiRoB]

- Jan, 23rd 2005    -
Unk: Fix a possible situation that may cause kad to not store sources.
Unk: Removed some unneeded parameters in the search class.
Unk: Added "Notes" for kad. Currently used to store file comments.. (Will not work until a majority of users upgrade.)
Unk: The time between Kad file source reasks slowly adjusts over time to ease up on overhead and redundant results. (Let the source exchange do it's job..)

- Jan, 17th 2005    -
Unk: Some general cleanup in some code when Kad thread was integrated to the main thread.
Unk: Fixed Download List sort bug where sources could be displayed with the wrong file. (Fix by KinkyJohn)
Ornis: category view filters more flexible
Ornis: categories can be filtered by regular expressions on the filenames (as view filter)
Ornis: middle mouse click closes tabs (messagewnd, irc, search results)
Ornis: coloring of search results customizable via skin

- Jan, 16th 2005    -
Unk: The AddOnNextConnect flag we gave to lowID users that missed their uploadslot still didn't work well as the user had to reconnect within a specific window.
- Now that flaged user can reconnect anytime that doesn't violate the protocol and get the upload slot.
- Only one user can have that slot at any given time to avoid the uploadlist from getting out of hand just in case more then one lowID user got flaged.
- Once a user is removed from the upload list, this slot is available again.
Unk: Relaxed the conditions for users to enter the upload queue of a lowID client.
- We still monitor for users on the upload list that try to get around the lowID callback limits through servers.
- We do not monitor Kad users on the upload list as the callbacks are all currently valid.
Ornis: automatic category assignment can now also be done by regular expression rules
.:  Navigation in the file detail- and client detail dialog:  up/down buttons allow scrolling through the items within the current list

- Jan, 14th 2005    -
.: Fixed bug with Unicode passwords in Web-interface and MobileMule-interface. Note: Your need to specify new passwords for those interfaces.

- Jan, 9th 2005      -
.: Added new setting in preferences.ini (Section=[eMule], Keyword=PreviewOnIconDblClk, Value=1) to invoke preview command when double clicking on file icon in download list. This setting is used only if "Downloadlist doubleclick to expand" (in Options/Display) is disabled.
Unk: We now use load balancing on publishes. If we publish a keyword to a section of network that has a high load, we increase delay for the next republish time. These times are also carried between restarts of the client.
Unk: Reworked the loop that rechecks what keywords to publish to reduce cpu load.

- Dec, 31th 2004    -
bluecow: Changed: Amount of uploaded/downloaded data to/from a client shows the raw (compressed) data size (which is also used for credits).
bluecow: Fixed sorting bug in upload list control.
bluecow: Changed: Maximum supported file size is 4290048000 bytes.

- Dec, 30th 2004    -
bluecow: Fixed bug in client statistics for banned and IP-filtered clients.
bluecow: Fixed crash with sending a message to an new added friend [thx Libbnor]
bluecow: Fixed bug with wrong hashset creation in case file could not successfully read (may indeed happen with NTFS compressed files with very high compression!?)
bluecow: Fixed bug with files of too large size when added via search results.

- Dec, 29th 2004    -
bluecow: Added 'Extract Meta Data' setting to enhanced options dialog.
Unk: Fixed a bug in SMIRC if CHANMODES was missing from the welcome message.

- Dec, 27th 2004    -
Unk: Ping/Pong system added for buddies to prevent stalled buddy connections.
Unk: Fixed a couple bugs in the hello packets for buddy information.
- If your firewalled and you have sources that are also in your queue, they will be able to more easily follow you if you change buddies.
- Only firewalled users with a buddy will send the buddy info to lower overhead.

- Dec, 26th 2004    -
bluecow: Added default creation of 'skins' subdirectory in eMule application folder which will be used as default directory for eMule Skins and Toolbar bitmaps.
Ornis:  -added language Breton - translated by KAD-Korvigello¨ an Drouizig
  -enabled Japanese translation, which was updated by DukeDog

- Dec, 24th 2004    -
bluecow: Added Windows Internet Security Manager for external loaded HTML files.
- Internet Security Zone policies are taken from Windows Internet Settings System Applet (same settings as used by Internet Explorer).
- Default Internet Security Zone used by eMule is set to highest level: "Untrusted Zone"
- Internet Security Zone can be changed in preferences.ini file: Section=[eMule], Keyword=InternetSecurityZone, Values=Untrusted|Internet|Intranet|Trusted|LocalMachine
bluecow: Added sorting of context menu entries for toolbar bitmaps and skin profiles.
bluecow: Shared files which have a user comment and/or user rating attached are displayed with a small additional overlay icon in Shared Files window.
bluecow: Added icons for network share information column in Shared Files window.
bluecow: Fixed some GUI glitches [thx apph]
bluecow: Fixed some bugs with statistics colors in Options/Statistics page.
bluecow: Added some double-click shortcuts:
- Server window: Double-click on Server list icon opens Options/Server page.
- Shared Files window: Double-click on Shared Files list icon opens Options/Directories page.
- Messages window: Double-click on Friends list icon opens Options/Files page.
- Statistics window: Double-click on any graph opens Options/Statistics page.

- Dec, 22th 2004    -
bluecow: Fixed bug with status.log file which truncated filenames to 50 chars.

- Dec, 21st 2004    -
zz: Improvements to download throttler to lower amount of timed out/failed download sessions.

- Dec, 19th 2004    -
bluecow: Fixed Unicode bug with ed2k links added via web interface.
bluecow: Fixed bug with file priority in web interface [thx CML]
bluecow: Added Unicode search parameter to web interface [thx CML]
bluecow: Local hostname (if specified in ext. settings) is used for web interface URL shown in MyInfo.
Unk: Force a node lookup when it appears Kad may be disconnected to verify if we are really disconnected.
Unk: Firewalled Kad users will instantly look for a new buddy when it loses it's current buddy instead of waiting for next firewall check.
Unk: Firewalled users will republish it's sources if they changed buddies.
Unk: If something happens and a Kad Buddy lookup fails, it will continue to retry the lookup until successful.

- Dec, 13th 2004    -
Unk: Changed the Kad search list to show info clearer and to add the Node Load column.
Unk: Fixed a bug that could access a NULL kad buddy pointer.
bluecow: Fixed crash with system tray context menu, opened preferences dialog and restored main window.
bluecow: Fixed bug: Shared directory names with Unicode characters were ignored at startup.
bluecow: File format of "shareddir.dat" and "adresses.dat" changed to Unicode. Old (ANSI) files are read and converted to Unicode automatically at startup. Previous (ANSI) eMule versions can not read those files any longer.
Unk: Fixed a bug that prevented lowID clients from publishing as a source into the Kad network.

- Dec, 12th 2004    -
bluecow: Added startup check for proper version of COMCTL32.DLL.
bluecow: Merged debug dump build into release build. To enable crash dump generation, specify "CreateCrashDump=1" in "eMule" section of preferences.ini file.

- Dec, 9th 2004      -
bluecow: All packets received from eD2K servers can contain Unicode strings. (Server admins can announce their server's description in Unicode).
bluecow: Added new Mini eMule window with basic stats and functions. Single click in eMule System Tray icon to open it.
- Mini eMule window can be customized with HTML template (see Template.eMuleSkin.ini for details).
- Mini eMule window can be disabled with following setting in preferences.ini file (section "[eMule]") setting: "MiniMule=0". (read only on startup)
- Mini eMule window can be customized with following settings in preferences.ini file (section "[eMule]"). Those settings can be modified during eMule is running (no need to restart).
-      Setting: "MiniMuleAutoClose=1" Mini eMule window will automatically close itself if mouse cursor is not located within the window (similar to a tooltip).
-      Setting: "MiniMuleTransparency=<0-100>" Transparency (in percent) of Mini eMule window.

- Dec, 4th 2004      -
bluecow: Reworked 'Startup Minimized' and main window restoring after startup to avoid some window redrawing problems.

- Nov, 21th 2004    -
bluecow: Fixed sorting bug in download list with "Time Remaining".

- Nov, 17th 2004    -
bluecow: Reworked eMule Main toolbar:
- Added chevron support: If toolbar is too small to display all buttons a chevron (">>" icon) is shown at the very right side which opens a menu with the remaining button commands.
- Tooltips are shown for truncated button titles and in "No Labels" mode of toolbar.
- Buttons can be moved and/or removed from the toolbar by holding down Ctrl+Alt key while draging a button with the mouse.
- Buttons can be set to large or small.
- Button sizes more similar to Windows Explorer.
- All new toolbar features can be disabled with "ReBarToolbar=0" setting in preferences.ini.
- Toolbar background can be customized with skin profile (see Template.eMuleSkin.ini file)
bluecow: Fixed bug with vertical oriented fonts in Statistics window.

- Nov, 16th 2004    -
bluecow: Preferences.ini setting ShowCopyEd2kLinkCmd=1 replaces "Show eD2K Links" command with "Copy eD2K Links"
bluecow: Fixed GUI glitches with context menus in Log-, Message- and IRC panes.

- Nov, 14th 2004    -
bluecow: Searching in eD2K and Kad is now defaulted to use Unicode search expressions.
bluecow: File comments dialog in Shared Files window can be invoked for multiple files.
bluecow: Fixed not working buttons in Message window.

eMule 0.44d released
13.11.2004 16:02 by Admin
Dear eMule users,

eMule 0.44c is released now, offering new and exciting features like:
  • Advanced Intelligent Corruption Handling (AICH) has been even more improved with automatically detecting clients which sent corrupt data and eventually banning them.
  • NTFS sparse files for more efficient use of free disk space for long time downloads of rare big files.
  • The GUI has been further improved. Lot of new icons and other eye candies added everywhere in the application.
  • The file hashing algorithm were replaced with high efficient assembler codes which leads to an improved hashing performance
Update 11/14/2004: Version 0.44d solves a problem with the new icons for Win98 user. If you use 0.44c and do not use Win98 there is no need to update.

The following has to be installed on Win9x/ME only -- it enables the Unicode functionality for eMule on those OSes.
Microsoft Layer for Unicode on Windows 95/98/ME Systems (MSLU) version 1.0

Also, if you are running eMule on Win95 or Win98, make sure your system contains at least version 5.80.2614.3600 of Comctl32.dll (located in Windows-System folder). To update this DLL goto Platform SDK Comctl32 Redistributables 5.80.2614.3600 and follow the download and installations instructions there.

user posted image
So - download the new eMule client - and have fun.

Your eMule-Team

And now in more detail, the complete changelog:
- Nov, 8st 2004      -
.: eMule is now able to detect which clients sent corrupt data and bans those if a threshold is reached (based on AICH)

- Nov, 1st 2004      -
bluecow: Fixed counter overflows for some cumulative statistics. [thx BinGordon]
bluecow: Fixed bug with max. download rate. [thx ChrisV]
bluecow: Fixed bug with "Needed Spaced for Downloads" stats for NTFS compressed and sparse files.
bluecow: Brushed up preferences dialog.

- Oct, 15th 2004 -
.: Added icons to most contextmenus [thanks Daan for providing the icons]
.: Fixed a unicode bug in the MobileMule server
Ornis: added commands (show details and add as friend) to the contextmenu for tabs in the chatwindow

- Oct, 14th 2004    -
Ornis: view filer now available for all category tabs

- Oct, 10th 2004    -
Ornis: imported part files will be shared immediately if possible

- Sep, 28th 2004    -
bluecow: Fixed memory leaks, exception handling and tag list reading of Kad tags.

- Sep, 26th 2004    -
bluecow: Fixed bug in some log panes which were not obeying the max. log buffer limit.
bluecow: Added support for NTFS sparse files for new created part files.

- Sep, 25th 2004    -
bluecow: Fixed bug in client download data rate computation [thx Aw3]
bluecow: Optimized MD4 and SHA1 hashing code to a total increase of hashing performance by 50% [thx Camper(Shareaza)]

- Sep, 24th 2004    -
bluecow: Fixed default font selection for some GUI elements for locales with multibyte character fonts.

- Sep, 20th 2004    -
bluecow: Reawakening of search parameters restoring. Double-Click or Ctrl+Click on Search Result tab to restore all parameters used for that particular search.
bluecow: All eMule*.log files are stored in .\logs directory. Already existing log files are automatically moved there.
bluecow: Fixed duplicate scroll bar problem in search dialog for low screen resolutions.

- Sep, 19th 2004    -
bluecow: Fixed bug with queued thread log messages which could lead to a crash in some cases.
bluecow: Fixed Unicode bug in Statistics HTML file export function.
bluecow: Added:Errors/Warnings/Success messages are shown in log panes with dedicated colors.
bluecow: Reworked ID3 tag reading code for Media Info dialog to show more proper information.

- Sep, 15th 2004    -
bluecow: Added tooltip for "Connected" pane in status bar which shows the currently connected eD2K server and server users.

eMule 0.44b released
12.09.2004 16:16 by Admin
Dear eMule users,

eMule 0.44b is released now. This version mainly concentrates on bugfixes.

As summary, the features of the 0.44 line of eMule have been:
  • AICH: a new (additional) hashing system allows eMule to highly improve the corruption detection and handling, leading to less redownload in those cases
  • Low ID support for the Kad network: A buddy system allow clients with a low ID (firewalled clients) to work in the KAD network
  • Unicode support
  • Connection test: eMule can check, if your selected ports are working for eMule

Also, check out the following additional releases:The following has to be installed on Win9x/ME only -- it enables the Unicode functionality for eMule on those OSes.
Microsoft Layer for Unicode on Windows 95/98/ME Systems (MSLU) version 1.0

Also, if you are running eMule on Win95 or Win98, make sure your system contains at least version 5.80.2614.3600 of Comctl32.dll (located in Windows-System folder). To update this DLL goto Platform SDK Comctl32 Redistributables 5.80.2614.3600 and follow the download and installations instructions there.

user posted image
So - download the new eMule client - and have fun.

Your eMule-Team

And now in more detail, the complete changelog:

- Sep, 10th 2004    -
bluecow: Fixed Unicode (Win9x) bug with wrong displayed free disk space.
bluecow: Fixed Unicode (Win9x) bug with not working shared directories control.
bluecow: Fixed Unicode bug with missing UTF8 conversion in web interface.
bluecow: Added 7-zip file extension to known archive types for publishing and searching files.
bluecow: Fixed Unicode bug in main toolbar initialiation which could cause not working shortcuts.
bluecow: Fixed Unicode (Win9x) issue with copying ed2k links to clipboard.
bluecow: Workaround for an obvious bug in Windows DNS library which returned invalid data.
bluecow: Fixed a bug which could cause resumed files (due to less disk space) get paused again immediatly.
bluecow: Added option to specify whether the system code page shall be used to non-Unicode string conversions (SetSystemACP=1). This is only for backward compatibility for users which specified a different codepage for non-Unicode applications. It is not recommended to use this option without having a very special reason to do so.
bluecow: Added automatic detection of system code and current codepage when eMule is started the 1st time (semi-automatic setting of SetSystemACP=1).
bluecow: Fixed Unicode (Win9x) bug with empty IP filter listview control.
bluecow: Fixed Unicode (Win9x) bug with missing tooltips in download listview control.
.: Fixed the "Run As Secure User" function
.: Fixed a "Runtime Error"-crash which could appear when Kad is enabled
.: Fixed handling of corrupt known2.met files
.: Fixed a bug which let eMule temporary assume a wrong AICH hash for a partfile which was rehashed after startup
.: Fixed some potential problems with reading media info from files

- Sep, 9th 2004      -
bluecow: Fixed divide by zero bug in Kad contact histogram
zz, bluecow: Fixed UploadSpeedSense UDP pinger.
zz: Fixed alphabetical sortorder for resume next file.
Unk: The delay in creating upload slots can cause the credit system upload method to remove too many upload slots.. (fixed)

- Sep, 8th 2004      -
Unk: Fixed a possible memleak bug I added in 44a with a bad Kad Tag.
bluecow: Fixed memleaks in PC finder and frame grab threads.
bluecow: Added AspectRatio property to Media Info dialog.
bluecow: Added verification whether file extension of downloaded/shared files matches the file format (only used with MediaInfo library installed -- see also, older change log entries according MediaInfo Lib).
bluecow: Added new preferences setting 'InspectAllFileTypes=1', currently used only in MediaInfo dialog to determine the file format of downloading/shared files by evaluating the headers (most usefull when MediaInfo Lib is installed).
bluecow: Fixed bugs in Video Preview and Archive Preview threads related to wrong file pointer usage which could create wrong temporary files for previewing (in rare situations).
bluecow: Added new preferences setting 'PreviewCopiedArchives=0' to use an alternate method for previewing archive files (faster, uses less disk space on temporary folder drive).
bluecow: Added new preferences setting 'ShowActiveDownloadsBold=1'. Active downloading files and uploading sources are shown in bold font in Transfere window.
bluecow: Changed: server.met and ipfilter.dat URLs are added to auto-completion lists even the download failed to not loose the entered URLs.
bluecow: Added: When selecting multiple servers in servers list control, a tooltip is shown with summarized stats of selected servers.
bluecow: Added: When selecting multiple search results, a tooltip is shown with shows the summarized file sizes of the selected files.
bluecow: Fixed Unicode bug with manually saved log files.
bluecow: Fixed Unicode bug with "?" character in file comments dialog.
bluecow: Fixed Unicode bug with ANSI log files which were continued in Unicode.

- Sep, 3rd 2004      -
Unk: Change in the source Index so it only sends the most recent entries..

eMule 0.44a released
05.09.2004 12:05 by Admin

Dear eMule users,

Yes, you read correctly - a new version of eMule is released, coming with the following hightlights:
  • AICH: a new (additional) hashing system allows eMule to highly improve the corruption detection and handling, leading to less redownload in those cases
  • Low ID support for the Kad network: A buddy system allow clients with a low ID (firewalled clients) to work in the KAD network
  • Unicode support: eMule can now handle non standard character sets in the search
  • Connection test: eMule can check, if your selected ports are working for eMule
Also, check out the following additional releases:The following has to be installed on Win9x/ME only -- it enables the Unicode functionality for eMule on those OSes.
Microsoft Layer for Unicode on Windows 95/98/ME Systems (MSLU) version 1.0

user posted image
So - download the new eMule client - and have fun.

Your eMule-Team

And now in more detail, the complete changelog:


- Sep, 2nd 2004    -
Unk: Kad now remembers Kad's last open/firewall state during the recheck process to prevent temporary false reports.
Unk: It now takes two consecutive matching IP responses for Kad to change your current known IP to help filter bad responses.
.: Updated MobileMule protocol to 0.9a (bugfix)
.: Fixed a bug which could lead to a wrong status of obtained parts for downloading clients

- Sep, 1th 2004    -
.: Added new Dialogpage for creating ED2K Links with of shared and downloading files (replaces old context menue entries)
.: Update ligpng to 1.2.6 to fix security issues (which however had only minor influence on eMule)
.: IP Filter is now also used to ignore filtered incoming UDP packets
.: Added a preference option to choose between simple (prio 0.43) or adanced calculation of the remaining time for downloading files
.: Introduced additional new hashsystem (AICH Hashs) which will reduce the average amount of dataloss when a part is corrupted from
  4.64MB (with ICH) to 180KB. The system is most effective when using links with attached AICH hash, which eMule can now also create
  Please refer check the helpfiles/onlinehelp for more information about this new feature.
  IMPORTANT: Due to the additional hash algorithm, eMule has to rehash all your shared files - this is a one-time thing, which can't be avoided.

- Aug, 26th 2004      -
Unk: Attempt at a estimate file count in Kad.

- Aug, 23rd 2004      -
Unk: Fixed potential memleak in a upload client.
Unk: Changed how we estimate Kad users.

- Aug, 22nd 2004      -
Unk: Changed method of deleting Kad Contacts. Contact list should stay more up to date.
Unk: We do not save all Kad contacts on exit. Save a sample of up to 200 contacts to help lower to amount of pinging to dead contacts.
Unk: Changed it so all displayed transfering values goes through one method to try to standardize them.

- Aug, 21st 2004      -
Unk: Added an option to manually add a source.
Unk: If Kad has seen no incoming traffic for a set time, it's assumed you lost your connection and will auto disconnect.
Unk: Fixed a bug that sends many Kad Bootstrap packets when not needed.
Unk: Some maintance with the Kad code.. (Removing some unneeded code, switching the log events to eMules, ect.)

- Aug, 20th 2004      -
Unk: Adjusted the estimated time remaining again to hopefully get it more stable.
.: Reworked handling of dead sources (avoids that sources which are known to be unreachable are asked again within a certain time period)

- Aug, 19th 2004      -
Unk: Added a option to auto start eMule when starting windows..
Unk: Fixed a bug in TryToConnect that at times could check the wrong IP/ID with the IP filter..
Unk: Added to the statistics how many known clients are connected to ED2K and/or Kad.

- Aug, 18th 2004      -
Unk: We now keep track of Half Open sockets and limit new connection if Half Open sockets are too high. (If approved and kept in, it should help with SP2 and some nick cards and routers..)
Unk: We no longer allow a socket pending Connect to time out until OnConnect is called. ( If approved and kept in, it should help with SP2 and lost sources..)
Unk: Added to the statistics how many sources are connected to ED2K and/or Kad.
Unk: Added to the client details if the user is connected to Kad.
Unk: Removed warnings about Kad being beta.

- Aug, 15th 2004      -
Unk: First phase in adding firewall user support for Kad. This support will not work well until most users upgrade within the Kad network..

- Aug, 9th 2004      -
Unk: Increased time between keyword publishes to reduce overall Kad overhead.
Unk: Fixed possible memleak if an incoming Kad publish failed.
Unk: Put some limits on how many keywords you index.
1) Global keyword limit.. (You never index more than this)
2) Local keyword limit. If your indexing one VERY popular index, it will be limited to allow less popular indexes to be stored.
3) Now if you happen to be one of the "lucky" ones that indexes a very popular node, your client will not freeze up trying to keep up.

- Aug, 8th 2004      -
zz: Resume next now uses a4af order: Alphabetical order if enabled for a category, cat-prios, file-prios etc. If you select "Resume next" in a category popup menu, it will only resume a file in that category; none if no file is paused in that category.

- Aug, 5th 2004      -
zz: UploadSpeedSense min limit is now allowed to be lower than 10 KB/s (default is 1 KB/s). Please note that when UploadSpeedSense lowers the speed below 10 KB/s, the ratio download limiter will dynamically kick in until the speed goes over 10 KB/s again.

- Aug, 4th 2004      -
zz: improved No Needed Parts a4af management. Will now occasionally reask lower prio nnp files on a source, if all files are nnp on that file. This will prevent it from remaining on the highest prio file when it's nnp and lower prio files has stopped being nnp since last checked.

- Aug, 1st 2004      -
bluecow: Fixed client version statistics.

- Jul, 31st 2004    -
Unk: Fix a upload bug that caused uploads to stop sending after a complete chunk with a small queue. This should fix some issues with lost Friend Slots.
Unk: Did some merging from some Mods..
1) IRC gui updated.
2) Message gui updated.
3) Statistics gui updated.

- Jul, 26th 2004    -
bluecow: Sorting of strings in UI is locale dependant (very similar to sorting order of Windows Explorer)
Ornis:fixed a bug on processing the downloadlist in the webinterface

- Jul, 24th 2004    -
bluecow: Added 'Network Info' dialog. Double click on connection icon in statusbar to open it.
bluecow: Fixed some minor bugs in file comments/ratings processing and GUI.
bluecow: Download listview shows system file icons for part files.

- Jul, 20th 2004    -
bluecow: Fixed bug with servers which when added via ed2k link were set to low priority.
Ornis:on regular intervals, avoid recreating the same systrayicon as before
Ornis:Ctrl+V inserts ed2k-filelinks from the clipboard to the download

- Jul, 17th 2004    -
bluecow: Added Kad contact histogram control.
Ornis: added port-checker. Integrated into the first-start-wizard and the connection preferences, you can start a port test. A webscript will check your eMule and display results and hints on your browser.
Ornis: TCP and UDP Port can be changed during the runtime of eMule, if no server or kad connection is established an no client has been connected yet.

- Jul, 16th 2004    -
zz: Fixed USS bug to make it survive rare occasions when no earlier ttls is pingable than the differing ttl is found.
zz: Fixed bug that didn't resume/pause/stop all files in a category when context message for a category is used.

- Jul, 12th 2004    -
zz: Prevent client that doesn't currently have an upload slot from successfully adding blocks to their request queue. This prevents us from sending these blocks when the client then receives an upload slot.

- Jul, 7th 2004      -
zz: Small fix to make eMule request sources for files in the same order as the a4af priority (a4af auto, cat prio, file prio, alpha).
zz: Show which upload slots are in standby, with status text and graying them out.

- Jul, 6th 2004      -
zz: Soft queue limit at whatever entered in preferences. Hard queue limit 25% higher. When soft limit is reached, eMule only allow high credit clients, or clients that want high prio files, to get on queue.
unk: Fixed an priority bug that cause lower priority files overseed high priority files. Also hopefully lowered some cpu cycles with this change.

- Jul, 5th 2004      -
zz: "Try to get preview parts first" selectable on individual files if "Try to get preview parts first" is disabled in preferences. Please note that "Advanced mode controls" (tweak prefs) needs to be enabled for this menu option to show up.

- Jul, 3rd 2004      -
bluecow: Statistics in Shared Files window show a summary of all selected files.

eMule v0.43b released
02.07.2004 17:54 by Ornis
Update (2004-07-05)

v0.43b Hotfix
Due to a bug in the PeerCache implementation, we released a hotfix, with the following changes:
-Fixed a bug which let eMule reject most available PeerCaches
-Statistics (requests,accepted requests,transfered) of partfiles are now saved and restored too (like for shared files)
-Opens less slots if UploadSpeedSense lowers upload limit

Dear eMule users,

You had to wait quite a long time for this release, though you'll see that
the time waiting was worth it.
The highlights of the 0.43 series of eMule are:
  • PeerCache. A technology developed by Joltid Ltd. which lets you download/upload
    files from ISP cache servers to reduce traffic and to improve download speeds.
  • HTTP eD2K links. eMule can now download files concurrently from eD2K network as well as from HTTP servers to improve download speed.
  • Windows XP firewall support to help users with LowID problems.
  • More security and efficiency in dealing with malicious, bots or just flawed clients.
  • ZZ's DownloadManager. Get the file(s) you want even faster.
  • Improved ZZ's UploadBandwidthThrottler. Smoother upload and lower overhead.
  • Many improvements in SMIRC client.
  • And a full set of bug fixes and other improvements.

Also, check out the following additional releases:
  • LinkCreator. A small stand alone tool for creating eD2K links for particular files and adding HTTP sources.
  • VideoLAN Client 0.7.2 eMule partfile plugin. A plug in for the well known video player which lets you preview eMule partfiles more efficiently.

So - download the new eMule client - and have fun.

Your eMule-Team

And now in more detail, the complete changelog:

Dont show 'new message' loginfo for filtered messages
Possible fix to the reported cases when eMule doesn't reach the upload limit.
Reworked the 'charset' selection for emule web interface to use proper codepage value in returned HTML code.
Many small fixes for changing language during runtime.
Fixed a bug which caused that some known contacts were never deleted, even if not needed anymore
SMIRC will now get available user modes from the server on connect to allow it to use servers that use non standard usermodes.
Fixed bug with inaccurate completed size for part files.
Couple of minor bug fixes and optimisations in bar shader related usage for part files and downloading/uploading clients.
Fixed bug which sometimes draws randomly yellow blocks for sources.
Category-wide resume will now also care for out-of-diskspace-paused downloads
Fixed bug with specifying empty directories for incoming and temp folders.
Fixed potential crash bug under Win98 with helper icon in search parameters window.
Fixed bug with wrong part count for very large files. [thx Pichuein]
Fixed bug in Directory preferences dialog which changed the active directory.
Fixed a bug in the toolbar button code, when all buttons were removed
Fixed webinterface exploit (content length misuse)
Fixed data rate control for rates > 80kb [thx zz]
Properly completing and sharing of files when no hashset is available.
Rewrote most of the core of SMIRC to make it more stable and faster..
I now read the entire receive buffer in SMIRC's socket on each receive. Messages were getting left in the buffer and backlog'd..
SMIRC connection status could get a little messed up and not tell the user it failed to connect. (fix)
Fixed crash with downloading of several files with same filename and reloading the shared files list.
Fixed bug with duplicate scrollbars in search window.
Fixed bug with receiving of new ed2k meta tags which used a too large tag type range for string types.

Option to block people from adding you as a friend through SMIRC.
Option to auto resume paused downloads only for same category as a completed download (additional to option of prefering same category)
More security and efficiency in dealing with malicious, bots or just flawed clients.
Added some protocol procedure sanity checks to avoid getting flooded by bugged clients.
Fixed a flaw in the IP filter which lead to not reading some lines from PeerGuardian filter lists which had a bad format.
Added new context menu item in Shared Files window (only for completed '' files) to install eMule Skins.
Changed the equal-for-all implementation in upload bandwidth throttler to minimize packet fragmentation on tcp level.
Reworked searching via web interface in relation to file type search parameter. (New web templates!)
Changed option to remove dead servers: Any server which exceeds a max. failure limit is removed from server list.
Added 'Document' file type for published files and also to search parameter for eD2K and Kad.
Splitted statistics to be stored in 'Statistics.ini'
Added unzipping of IP filter files from PeerGuardian ZIP files.
Completely reworked the gui structure for SMIRC.
SMIRC will now get available channel modes from the server on connect.
Reworked IP Filter tool window to support large IP filter lists more effeciently.
Added progress information for part files when getting hashed or copied to incoming folder.
Added color customization (via skin profile) for server info, log, chat and IRC windows.
Added loglevels for verbose output in order to allow showing only important messages
Complete sources are now shown as percentage in a new column. If there are zero complete sources for a file, this colum is marked red
SMIRC Now creates a dynamic nick menu showing which Op commands are available based on the user you click and user modes available.
Added server LowID statistics to Server and Statistics window.
Added stats for showing amount of data saved by I.C.H.
Added saving/restoring of corrupted part list to part.met files so that I.C.H. can work on those parts even after eMule was restarted.
Added context menu command for creating eD2K links with hashsets to Shared Files window.
Files without hashsets are no longer shared until they are completed or a hashset was received.
Added support for HTTP redirection for websources.
Added icons for websources in transfer window.
Added a setting to preferences.ini (Section 'Statistics', Keyword 'SaveInterval') to specify the time interval in seconds for saving statistics. Default value is 60 sec.
title tags for images in Webinterface template 'chicane' [mARKUS]
Added pasting of extended eD2K links for http:// sources and hashsets.
Added a simple nick completer to SMIRC.
Optimized periodically stats file writing.
Added filehash evaluation for completed part files when hashset is missing.
Kad search expression parsing: The Kad keyword is now part of the ed2k search expression to support ' ' expressions.
Removed auto restoring of search parameters when a search results tab is selected and/or closed.
Reworked saving of onlinesig.dat to provide better support for other applications which are reading that file concurrently.
Changed all file shareing modes (at OS level only) to allow read only access by other applications.
eD2K and Kad searches are shown as still active or stopped with an appropriate icon in the search results list.
Inactive search results panes show new received search results with red colored text in tab control

eMule now supports PeerCache, a technology which allows ISPs to reduce the bandwidth usage by caching instead of throttling the downloadspeed
eMule can open the ports it needs on the internal WinXP(SP1 or 0) firewall itself either permanently (connection pref) or on each startup (extended settings)
Improved a4af manager. Set the file you want first to 'high' download priority (priorities now effects a4af decisions). You can chose to get the files in a category in their alphabetical order.
Added downloading from http:// sources.

eMule v0.42g released
02.05.2004 22:08 by Admin
Dear users,

for the upcoming birthday of eMule, we announce a new update for the 0.42 series of eMule.
Several bugfixes and additions have been made.

Update and enjoy!

Edit 05/05/2004: Unfortunatly an evil bug didn't spared our anniversary edition. This bug causes crashs on some systems when viewing the transferscreen. If you experience such crashs, please update. If not an update is not necessary in this case. Thanks to donq for finding this bug

For all the fixes and changes, see the changelog below.

to the Download page...

Your eMule-Team


  • bluecow: Added file error handling for writing of onlinesig.dat file.
  • .: Fixed a bug which could cause a too fast queue rotation when not using the option "try to upload full chunks" for uploading
  • bluecow: Fixed bug in Kad tag name string compare which was dependent to locales with multi byte character pages. [thx Big Mamma]
  • bluecow: Fixed bug with general string compares which were dependent on locale. (Note: Depending on your locale, you may experience somewhat different sorting orders for strings.)
  • Ornis: Fixed issue of jumping category tooltips
  • Ornis: Added 2 more statistics to category tooltips
  • Unk: If a client doesn't respond to udp packets after a few times, we force only tcp connections.
  • Unk: Increased the maximum number of upload slots to accomidate high rate connections.
  • bluecow: Added context menu to closeable tab control in Search Results, Message and IRC Chat windows to have another way to closeing the tabs.
  • Unk: Changed several areas of the code to help with *.*.*.0 clients that is labeled a lowID in the ed2k network.
  • Unk: If you reconnect to a server, all your shares would not get published unless something in your share list changed..(fixed) (thanks lugdunummaster)
  • Unk: Fixed a bug that allowed you to do a more command in search to the wrong search window.
  • .: eMule is now able to drop privileges and run on a secure user account on Win 2k/XP, when started as administrator (can be enabled in preferences -> security)
  • .: Updated MobileMule protocol to 0.8a
  • Unk: Kad user estimate is no longer based on Overnet's user count as the numbers appear to be to high.. (Numbers may still look to high for some users, will try to improve this as we go..)
  • Unk: Although I couldn't reproduce the double text bug in the IRC, I changed a couple things that may be the cause. (Seems some still get the bug)
  • bluecow: Fixed another crash bug with renaming of completed files in transfere window.
  • bluecow: Several changes in client statistics: detailed aMule version stats, added lphant client detection, cDonkey moved to eMule Compatible and more...
  • bluecow: Added searching for eD2K file hashs on eD2K servers. To search for a file hash, either enter "ed2k::" or the complete ed2k link. [thx lugdunum]
  • bluecow: Numeric search parameters are checked for reasonable values to avoid invalid search expressions.
  • bluecow: Fixed bug in global server searches which could send endless name queries in some rare situations. [thx lugdunum]
  • bluecow: Completed shared files which are deleted from Shared Files window are also removed from Transfer window.
  • bluecow: Added download statistics for UDP file reask.
  • bluecow: Fixed bugs with "Last Reception Time" and DST fix.
  • bluecow: Fixed crash bug with renaming of completed files in transfere window.
  • bluecow: Fixed small bug with AutoTakeEd2kLinks.
  • Ornis: added category selector to the ed2k-box
  • bluecow: Fixed a window resizing crash bug in Message window.
  • bluecow: Client chat and IRC chat messages are limited to 450 characters.
  • bluecow: Disabled extracting meta data from OGM/OGG files due to many bug reports about problems with according DirectShow filters.
  • Unk: IRC names accept uppercase again.
  • Unk: Kad Publishes now stop in real time to avoid some overhead.
  • bluecow: Added capability to publish files on ed2k servers with new meta data tags. [thx lugdunum]
  • bluecow: Fixed bug with error message boxes which could show up due to a remote search invocation.
  • Ornis: some minor GUI addons & corrections
  • bluecow: Added capability to parse new ed2k meta data tags. [thx lugdunum]
  • bluecow: Added docking/floating search parameters window to search dialog.
  • bluecow: More safety in parsing of new OP_SERVER_DESC_RES server packets.
  • bluecow: Proper parsing of unused eD2K meta data tag types.
  • bluecow: Fixed memory leak with known files entries and invalid hashsets in general [thx bzubzu.]
  • bluecow: Fixed sorting bugs in Known Client listview control.
  • bluecow: Removed syntax coloring from search expression control (caused too much trouble for some languages).
  • Ornis: fixed search for webinterface
  • bluecow: Added Ctrl+C keyboard shortcuts in all list views for copying eD2K links to clipboard.
  • bluecow: Added Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut for pasting servers from clipboard to server list view.
  • Unk: For waiting files, an remaining time will be estimated, based on previous idle time and downloaded data. (Note: Files started with some mods or older clients may give strange relults)
  • bluecow: Removed Jigle search methods.
  • bluecow: Added context sensitive help.

  • eMule v0.42e released
    01.04.2004 23:09 by Ornis

    Dear users,

    a new update for the 0.42 series of eMule is now available. Update and enjoy! :)

    Due to important security-fixes, we advice to update!

    For all the fixes and changes, see the changelog below.

    to the Download page...

    Your eMule-Team


    - you will no longer be able to connect to irc with the old clients
    Ornis: reduced javascript dependence on webinterface templates
    bluecow: Added Paste command for ed2k file/server links to Transfer and Server window context menus.
    bluecow: Fixed memory leak in Kad packet parsing [thx bzubzu.]
    bluecow: Fixed security exploit in IRC module and Web server [thx DonDiego]
    bluecow: Add seperate dialog for "Paste eD2K Links" function (prev. called as 'Direct Download'). Dialog can be invoked from Tools menu or eMule context menu.
    bluecow: Added MLdonkey compatible client tag recognition.
    bluecow: Fixed crash bug with selectively deleting of expanded search results.
    Ornis: on category creation, if the edit dialog is canceled, no category will be created
    bluecow: Added support for new eserver 16.45 UDP description packet.
    Ornis: fixed security risk in the webserver [thx4hint2 MKThunderStorm]
    bluecow: Added syntax coloring for search name (expression) control.
    Unk: /topic and /msg now works with the IRC.
    Unk: Changed some of how complete sources is determined..
    Complete files will now show better complete numbers.
    Somehow dead files continued to show many complete sources? This should correct itself as people upgrade.
    bluecow: Added some error/help messages for invalid Kad search expressions.
    bluecow: Filename detail dialog, shows system file icons for remote client's filenames.
    bluecow: Fixed some minor bugs in ed2k searches related to comparison operators.
    bluecow: Added more comparison operators to Kad search expression evaluation.
    bluecow: Added a set of additional search parameters (Complete sources, Length, Bitrate, Codec, Title, Album, Artist)
    Ornis: Preferences/Display: Option to clear or disable autocompletion boxes (search-name, servermet-urls, ipfilter-urls). Disabling takes full effect after restart.
    bluecow: Webservices are split into file based and general URLs. General URLs are shown only in Tools/Links.
    bluecow: Fixed crash bug with downloading of already downloaded files which were already in known file list.
    bluecow: Fixed bug with recovering block requests of compressed packets after a zstream error occured.
    bluecow: Added 'Active download time' stats for part files which shows the amount of time the file was active in download queue.
    bluecow: Added: Completed files are republished to servers to update the 'complete sources' info.
    bluecow: Fixed bug with reloading of shared files where just completed and externaly removed/renamed files still showed up.
    bluecow: Fixed possible mem leak with OP_REQUESTPARTS message. [thx eklmn]
    bluecow: Added support for integer media length eD2K tag for servers and clients. [thx lugdunummaster]
    bluecow: Added publishing of basic file status (complete/incomplete) to servers.
    bluecow: Added: Nr. of complete sources returned from servers are shown with availability data in search result list.
    bluecow: Added: Viewing shared files of remote clients also transferes the nr. of complete sources.
    unk: IRC now remembers your last nick.
    unk: Added a couple more IRC info message options.
    bluecow: Added customizable preview commands (new config file PreviewApps.dat)
    bluecow: Verbose options are disabled and not shown by default. To enable the verbose options specify "VerboseOptions=1" in "eMule" section in preferences.ini.
    bluecow: Fixed bug with processing of remote preview answer.
    bluecow: Fixed bug in IRC property page; "Load channel list on connect" option was missing.
    bluecow: Removed "ResizableLib" from source tree. Donwload the library at

    eMule v0.42d (Hotfix) released
    06.03.2004 13:23 by Admin
    Dear Users!

    This release removes many unwanted features (also known as bugs) which managed to slip into our last release. We recommend anyone who is using 0.42a/b to upgrade to 0.42c.

    Update 2004-03-07:
    Unfortunatly a new serious bug made it into 0.42c which causes eMule to crash if there is too much load on the UDP Socket. Therefore we have to release another hotfix. So if your eMule crashes, please update to this version.

    Download page

    Your eMule-Team

    The changelog since the last version:

    -bluecow: Fixed rehashing on change of Daylight Saving Time (DST) [MightyKnife]. To disable this patch, add "AdjustNTFSDaylightFileTime=0" in "[eMule]" section in preferences.ini file.
    -bluecow: Fixed bug with colors and known-type in searchlist control after files were canceled and/or added/removed from share.
    -bluecow: Fixed bug with sorting by category in download listview.
    Unk: USS will temporarly be limited to a minimum of 10K until we correct a couple issues at lower speeds.
    -bluecow: Fixed bug in UDP socket with ReaskFilePing which was not answered for files in most cases
    -bluecow: Fixed bug in IP filter; adjacent ranges with different levels were merged.
    -Unk: IRC now handles sound events. (/sound [*.wav] [message]) (Sounds are stored in "../eMule/Sounds/IRC" dir)
    -Unk: Fix KadID bug which created some clusters and reported bad user counts..
    -Unk: Packets for the UDP socket send queue now have a lifetime now to keep from creating a backlog of packets.
    -Ornis: fixed a bug, that resumed 2 (instead of 1) files for the function "start next paused file, when a files completes"
    -Ornis: correction in the statistics for source-type passive - and several minor GUI fixes
    bluecow: fixed invoking the comment page
    -Ornis: fixed Chicane webinterface template, to be able to start downloads from searchresults
    -Unk: Fixed a IRC crash bug thanks to reports from several irc ops..
    -Unk: Fixed the IRC Accept links from friends only option.
    -Unk: IRC default name gets a pseudo random nick on connect to avoid nick collisions.
    -Unk: Extra IRC filter options.
    -bluecow: Fixed flaw in exception handling which did not immediatly disconnect a client which sends invalid file data packets.
    -bluecow: Fixed bug in UDP socket with processing of a received file status.
    -bluecow: Fixed several flaws in Kad window with connect and bootstrap function/buttons.
    -Unk: Put back ping info for USS and small adjustment to USS - zz
    -Unk: Removed some debug info in the upload bars

    eMule v0.42b released
    27.02.2004 21:51 by Ornis
    Dear Users!

    Finally, the Kademlia supporting eMule v0.42b is open available for all users. The imlemented Kademlia protocol allows eMules to work also without any server. (optional)

    Nevertheless we want to point out, that this is an alpha version. Since this version is quite new to the large userbase, the Kad-network is disabled by default, but all curious users and testers can enabled it in the connection preferences.

    This was a relative long time since the previous release. The delay is based on the major coding efforts for this new version, but also because of a lack of time for some devs and the known legal hassle recently.

    So, enjoy the new version! :)

    Download page

    Your eMule-Team

    The changelog since the last testversion:

    -Ornis: Several minor corrections on the GUI
    -bluecow: Several changes and optimizations to verbose log options.
    -Unk: Hopefully reduced keyword overhead some more by only publishing complete files.
    -bluecow: Added new connection state icon showing seperate eD2K and Kad network connection state and seperate LowID/HighID.
    -bluecow: Added new AVI file parsing code for getting attributes in File Info dialog.
    -bluecow: Added a thread for getting audio/video attributes of multiple files when using File Info dialog.
    -bluecow: Added optional support for MediaInfoLib ( for viewing audio/video attributes of part and shared files. This feature is optional and will only be used if version of MediaInfoLib (MediaInfo.DLL) is copied to eMule application folder.
    -bluecow: Added merging of audio/video attributes in File Info dialog. All audio/video attributes from all selected (part) files are merged to verify if selected files are of same audio/video format.
    -bluecow: Added new column to search results showing local file info.
    -bluecow: Search type or shared files list request is shown in each search results tab.
    bluecow: Added automatic creation of 'downloads.txt' file in eMule application folder. This file holds the current part file names and related ed2k links to recover more easily after lost part.met files.
    -bluecow: Windows thumbs.db files with missing system file attribute are no longer shared.
    -bluecow: Thoroughly handling of max. nick name length.
    -bluecow: Tweaked tab controls in server window/chat window to show unread log/chat messages.
    -bluecow: Added caching of webservices menu entries.
    -bluecow: Fixed multi threading issue with file completion.
    -bluecow: Fixed some problems with duplicate entries in known file list and shared file list.
    -bluecow: Added a lot of protocol logging and debugging code.
    -bluecow: Several optimizations in processing search expressions for keyword index.
    -bluecow: Reworked UDP socket exception handling.
    -Unk: Split source and keyword indexing to allow specific tweaking later.
    -bluecow: Added more logging options in Extended Settings.
    -Unk: Kad now allows smaller local networks if you turn off LANIP filtering. (This should only be used for debuging and testing)
    -Unk: A lot of Kad has been converted to use CSafeMemFile.. To finish converting all, we need to convert the Kad's Tags and Kad's Taglist to work with it..
    -Unk: When duplicates are found in the KnownFileList, the stats are now merged..
    -bluecow: Reworked internal storage of preferences.
    -bluecow: Fixed bug with downloads added from search result in paused mode which dropped possible found sources.
    -unk: Redid the knownfilelist.. Before you could have multi entires.
    -bluecow: Fixed bug with Kad keyword publishing list due to renaming a shared file which was completed in current session.
    -bluecow:Fixed bug in Kad search with implicit ANDed search expressions.
    -.: Merging of the extended trayicon menue [eMule+]
    -bluecow: Reworked IP filter
    - Optimized IP filter lookup for less CPU load.
    - Optimized loading of IP filter files.
    - Added merge of overlapping and adjacent filter ranges.
    - More safety in determining format of IP filter files (support for eMule IP filter and PeerGuardian file formats).
    - More tolerance in eMule IP filter format files (level and description is now optional).
    - Added IP filter dialog for basic editing and viewing IP filters (accessible via Tool menu).
    - Added IP filter rule hit statistics.
    -Unk: Fixed a bug in the UDP port that resent UDP packets to dead clients.
    -Unk: Major rewrite of the Kad code..
    - Kad is now part of eMule's thread so we don't have to worry about Sync issues.
    - Although many will say that this is a performance loss, I feel the the simplification of the code out ways this.
    - Kad will now use eMule's UDP port (And eMule's TCP port in the future) instead of their own.
    -bluecow: New data (packet + files) processing code for less CPU load.
    -Unk: Fixed a few issues that occured when a partfile became a complete file.
    -bluecow: Fixed bug with wrong category directory shown for new created downloads.
    -bluecow: Fixed printf-flaw with category directories.
    -bluecow: Fixed problem with empty file data packets which could corrupt the gap list.
    -bluecow: Fixed timing issue in PerfLog module.
    -bluecow: Fixed statistics bug with ICH in download session category.
    -bluecow: Fixed: If the very first downloaded part of a file was recovered by ICH, the file was though not shared until another part was completed without ICH.
    -Unk: Incoming ExtendedFileInfo was done without checking the version number.
    - This fix seems to have found that a couple older eMule Mods and Shareaza (And maybe a some other mods) are sending the wrong version number here.
    - They say they support the ExtendedFileInfo which makes us send the our info, but they in return do not send it to us when we are expecting it..
    -Unk: A part of the ED2K protocol has been redone into a eMule protocol. This allows us to do several ED2K type packets with just one packet hopeing to save overhead.
    -Unk: The UDP file reask now updates the FileStatus and it transmits all the ExtendedFileInfo.
    -Unk: File reasks have been extended for less overhead.
    -Unk: Source exchange times have been adjusted for less overhead. (May have to set the received source request time check back to older values so older clients don't suffer. Needs testing.)
    -Unk: The switch for processing sources for a download had some fall through bugs.
    -Unk: There was a bug the allowed the client to send a UDP and TCP file reask at the same time.
    -Unk: NNP sources was allowed to do a UDP reask which does not update our chunk info.. So, this was a wasted packet..
    -Unk: It was possible (But unlikely) for the client to send a UDP reask to a client he has never done a TCP reask..
    -Unk: AskForDownload() now returns a result so we know if the source was deleted.
    -Unk: Only count sent Kad overhead that was actually sent, not queued or failed..
    -Unk: Clients even without a valid file request could still get on the queue.
    -Unk: There were three different methods creating a per file upload list. Some of them rebuilt this list each time needed. We now maintain an upload list per each client in real time to avoid this.
    - Update: there is a bug that allows the same file to be in the KnownFileList.. This messes up this real time management..
    - For the moment, there is a debug code in the client the saves from creating dangling pointers..
    - This code will be removed once we fix the issues..
    -Unk: Source exhange for a complete file is now like part files, you only send sources that has chunks the user needs.
    -Ornis: IPFilter - file can be now in peerguardian-format as well
    -Ornis: Preferences/Security: option to download the ipfilter-file from an URL
    -Ornis: Fix: Handling of deleting files, which are currently into diskspace allocation
    -bluecow: View Shared Files command of remote clients is disabled if client published that he does not support that feature.
    -bluecow: Fixed bug in viewing shared files from remote client - shared part files were not shown.
    -bluecow: Reduced memory usage of client instances #2.
    -bluecow: Fixed Kad UDP socket usage to avoid loss of packets to send.
    -bluecow: Optimized client listview controls for less CPU load.
    -bluecow: Fixed several flaws in context menus, shortcuts and usage of middle mouse button.
    -Unk: Try to filter self sources better.
    -Unk: We receive all incoming Kad sources now. (Was a bug that blocked them if the file got a lot of sources from a server or source exchange)
    -Unk: Again LowID Callbacks were messing up because of Kad and ED2K states. This is now checked more closly.
    -Unk: Nodal searches for publishing extended to allow full publish. Nodal searches for sources is lessened to reduce overhead with very rare files.
    -bluecow: Some changes for more proper Winsock initialisation and termination.
    -bluecow: Fixed and added some statistics for file data transfer.
    -Unk: Nodal lookups are now deleted with a delay when allowed. In other words, we try not to waste delayed incoming result packets.
    -Unk: There is a bug with the experation timer to Nodal lookups when you exhausted all pending contacts.
    -Unk: Keyword republishing is delayed longer to lower overhead.

    The complete changlog with all the development stages and all changes since v0.30e can be viewed here.

    eMule v0.41b.29 Kad Test Client
    08.01.2004 19:59 by John

    What is this client?
    This is a test client of eMule that has a new Kademlia based network included. The new network is an alternative to the servers. With this client, you have the option to connect to a server, connect to Kad, or both. The Kad network is still in the testing phase; therefore, some things may not work as planed. If you experience problems with this client, try connecting to the servers only or revert back to v0.30e.

    For ed2k-Links, enter our Content Database.
    To download from our mirrors click here!

    Change Log:

    bluecow: Fixed several flaws in client and server overhead computation. (Note: You will see somehow increased overhead).
    bluecow: Added Kademlia overhead statistics.
    bluecow: Added client protocol handshake validation.
    bluecow: To avoid spreading of false meta data, any (already) received meta data is dropped and locally created by examining file contents only.
    bluecow: Fixed bug server connection duration statistics [Gnaddelwarz]
    Unk: We delay publishing keywords to avoid spamming network with users that only stay connected for a very short time.
    bluecow: Added thread safe synchronous command processing to Kad listener socket.
    bluecow: Added explicit removing of file block requests for disconnected client to avoid file completion problems.
    bluecow: Fixed sorting problems in shared files list control.
    bluecow: Fixed very tricky bug in structured exception handling of client TCP socket.
    bluecow: Already received but not processed packets are discarded after a client was disconnected.
    bluecow: Fixed a potential client deletion crash bug related to IP filter.
    bluecow: Added client protocol procedure state error log messages.
    Unk: Changed Log messaging from Kad to Emule to a thread safe method. win98 should be able to run a little better now.. But, there seem to still be issues.
    Ornis:Sharefileslistcontrol offers rename,delete,open it's folder via contextmenu for files
    (deletes to recycle bin! use preferences.ini: RemoveFilesToBin=false, to have a eternal deletion)
    Unk: Until a fix is found, we only update the clients ID when adding a Kad Contact to the list. This seems to avoid the win98 freeze.
    Unk: Small change in Kad search tolerance and bootstraping.
    Ornis: Downloadfile-Details, Filenametab: improved listing and sorting of the available filenames
    Ornis: Allocating new filesize for tempfiles not blocking anymore (threading+buffering)
    Ornis: Downloadlist: Sorting of the remain column for files now in 4-way-mode, to sort by remaining size OR by remaining time
    Unk: Auto Kad bootstrap if you are trying to connect and see a Kad client.
    Unk: The client now detects conflicts between UDP ports to prevent the client from freezing..
    Unk: Bootstrap selectable by IP:Port or by a known Kad-client (searches your known client list for a Kad client to boot from)
    bluecow: Reworked part file details dialog; added showing of several accumulated values for multiple selected part files.
    bluecow: Removed Permissions column from Shared Files window (don't worry, it was never used).
    bluecow: Reworked all Server-, Search-. Download- and Shared Files window context menus for supporting multiple selections.
    bluecow: Fixed bug with first runtime wizard and enabled startup minimized option.
    bluecow: Added option to restore the last used main window dialog at startup; (specify RestoreLastMainWndDlg=1 in preferences.ini)
    bluecow: Added Ornis' 4-way sorting for shared column in shared files window.
    Unk: Added a lot of exception catching to Kad and SMIRC.
    Unk: Gave incoming and outgoing Kad UDP packets same priority to keep outgoing packets from backlogging.
    Unk: We now keep track on how many packets are sent with Kad Node lookups.
    Unk: Search Jumpstarts are now only used when the search appears to have stalled.
    Unk: IRC: /hop added.
    Unk: Joined channels get focus now.
    Unk: Fixed several memleaks with the Kad client
    Unk: Added some flags to the Node lookups for future special purposes. (Can't be used until most client upgrade)
    Unk: Small change to contact tree. More nodes known so that you find your target faster.
    bluecow: Fixed problem with servers with IP which could be added to the server list.
    bluecow: Resolved IPs of DynDNS servers are now verified and optionally filtered (IP-filter).
    bluecow: Reduced memory usage of client instances.
    Ornis: Option for automatic removal of completed downloads from list
    Ornis: Create lang-folder if neccessary on language download

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