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eMule 0.30e (Hotfix) released
18.12.2003 18:20 by Ornis
Due to a bug we changed our plans and now release one more non kademlia-based version: eMule 0.30e.

For securityreasons please update as soon as possible to this version!

The changelog:

  • bluecow: Fixed very rare occuring bug with decompressing of high compressable blocks.

  • bluecow: Improved error handling for decompressing corrupted blocks.

  • bluecow: Upgraded to zlib 1.2.1.

eMule v.30c is available!
22.11.2003 19:34 by John
Here's the changelog:

bluecow: Fixed multi threading problem with a completing file which was concurrently uploaded.
Ornis: added ability to import partial downloads from Overnet/eDonkey when having used the old style format
bluecow: Fixed potential exploit due to memory corruption in webserver [MoNKi]
bluecow: Fixed bug with friends where a client without an IP or hash could be added as a friend.
bluecow: Fixed bug with ed2k URL registry key where path contains special characters.
bluecow: Fixed GDI resource leaks in video preview dialog.
Ornis: Import partial downloads from eDonkey/Overnet (new style-splitted partfile). Build-in converter to import downloadfiles from a selected folder to your eMule-downloads right away. (use the Hotmenu Alt+X to access it)
Ornis: Serverlist highlights the currently connected server
Ornis: dynamic category tabcontrol size
Ornis: prevent empty date/time output with faulty preferences.ini
bluecow: Fixed bug with upload list control which was not refreshed automatically [Xman1+KuSh]
bluecow: Fixed mouse/keyboard acces bug in HyperText control [MoNKi]
bluecow: Added keyboard shortcuts to main toolbar.
bluecow: Fixed bug with server warning messages which were shown as errors.
bluecow: Fixed bug with random drawn block requests in file progress bars.
Ornis: set speedlimits to unlimited manually (again)
bluecow: Changed several resource string loading code to support string based resource identifiers [SlugFiller+itsonlyme]
bluecow: Added: download links can contain hostname sources, instead of just IP address; You can set your own hostname in preferences, and create eD2K links with sources with your chosen hostname instead of your IP [SlugFiller+itsonlyme]
bluecow: Added speed improvements made to the bar shader, making it display much faster than before [SlugFiller]
bluecow: Added code improvements for faster sorting complete sources [SlugFiller]
bluecow: Added sorting of complete source column in shared files window [SlugFiller]
bluecow: Fixed visual bug in upload status bar [wistily]
bluecow: Added check free diskspace option which ensures that complete files can be stored [SlugFiller]
bluecow: Added check free diskspace option which ensures that a minimum of free diskspace remains available.
bluecow: Added uncompressing of NTFS compressed files for completed files.
bluecow: added the long awaited More button to search window for getting more search results from the local server.
bluecow: rewrote tooltips for transfer window to fix several small glitches.
bluecow: buffered partfile data is explicitly written to disk before a preview command is invoked.
bluecow: partfile disk usage is determined with respect to NTFS compression and/or NTFS sparse files.
Ornis: new translation: Czech, by Patejl

eMule v.40f is available
22.11.2003 19:34 by John
A little background first...

Barry is a former developer that started working on creating a Kademlia client. His original goal was to create a completely new client based only on Kademlia. Also the idea was to make that client a Overnet compatable client.. Barry got some of the basic functions of it working, then disapeared from the scene.. (Hope he just got bored and left and that nothing happened to him..) Since Barry was the only one working on it at the time, none of us really continued it right away..

I then decided to continue working on it in my spare time (which was not much). But, instead of a completely new client, I would merge it into the current client.. I studied the Overnet network very hard and created a Overnet compatable eMule client. (Minus lowID support).. After looking at it very hard, I saw some issues with the Overnet protocol that I didn't like. With the network not being ours, I also wouldn't be able to change it without breaking Overnet protocol.. So, we as a team decided to do our own protocol with a modified form of Kademlia..

For those that understand Kademlia, the concept looks just fine on paper. (Check Kademlia Documentation for technical interests)
But in a pratical enviroment, the paper doesn't hold very well.. Therefore, I have tried to modify it a bit. Since this is the first real test of the client, these modifications may or may not work and will be adjusted as the test continues.. So, if you are willing to participate in the test, please update as often as possible..

If you are a Moder.. Please do NOT change anything involving the Kademlia side of the client.. One small change in the code when given to the masses can cause major pains to the network.. If you see anything that is in error or a way to improve it, go to the forums and create a thread there.. If it does make things better, it will be added to the official client... One more thing. If you decide to mod this test client, remember that we published it here for test purposes. So dont set modded versions as regular versions or something like that!

NOTE: Toolbar skins have changed. Therefore the older skins will not work..

Here's the changelog...

bluecow: Fixed GDI resource leaks in video preview dialog.
bluecow: Added more functions for icon customizing (see documentation in Template.eMuleSkin.ini file)
bluecow: Added more icons for Kademlia windows [this and other eye candy icons were made all by Daan]
bluecow: Fixed bug in friend list/control.
bluecow: Added sorting to friend list control.
bluecow: Fixed more context menus (search listview, queue list, client list,...)
bluecow: Fixed shutdown freezing bug
bluecow: Fixed bug with View Shared Files command
bluecow: Fixed glitches in Kademlia listviews
bluecow: Added icons for Kademlia listviews
bluecow: Fixed toolbar strings for customizing dialog
bluecow: Fixed context menu for friend listview
bluecow: Added keyboard shortcuts for friend listview (Del=Remove friend, Ins=Add Friend)
bluecow: Fixed context menu for shared files listview
bluecow: Added icon/color customization for all main listviews/treeviews
bluecow: Reduced GDI resource usage for all image lists
Unk: Fixed a bug introduced when changing how we published.
Unk: Adjusted the Server and Kademlia window a little.
Unk: Publishing of sources is now seperate from publishing keywords. This allows better control.
Unk: We now rotate the sources to a key better making sure the freshest sources are always first.
Unk: We also only index up to 50 sources per file since we only send a max of 50 sources to save memory.
Ornis: Webinterface: better connection separation of both networks
Ornis: Webinterface: displaying statistics fixed

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